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Sample Portfolio Of Current and Past Companies

Homehealth & Hospice



A privately founder-owned profitable home health and hospice service business with a high scaling potential

Pill Packaging & Dispensing



Smart Robotics with AI for customized pill dispensing and packing. The company has several patents, a full built out state-of-the art AI Automation, and services for drug dispensing and delivery to Hospitals, Clinics, and Pharmacies.

AI Platform for Consumer Products, Retail, and Inventory Management



Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions for large scale retail, consumer products, and supply chain related companies (e.g., Amazon, Macys, Apple, Target, Gap, HomeDepot). Unique technology allows automated onboarding for thousands of SKUs, smart product management, customer retention, maximize shopping cart conversions, resulting in millions of dollars in profit already realized by current customers. Backed by top tier VCs, Founders looking for a growth partner.




Automated systems for supply chain management in a warehouse.

Internet of Things



Smart city solutions for lighting and city energy utilization

Trading Platform



Platform for stock portfolio management used by fund managers and financial institutions to actively monitor and invest using customized strategies.

Sport Drones



Smart drone camera for live video, photography, motion capture, security, and terrain and traffic monitoring for active sports or fast motion activities

Medical Facility Management



Medical practice management software for managing schedules and shifts, complying with regulations, and onboarding medical staff for a small- or large-scale facility

Semiconductor Testing Equipment



Software for detecting and managing defects in a fabricated semiconductor photomask

Green Home



Software for home or office energy management

Home Security



Intelligent motion and audio detection device and software for zone monitoring, face recognition, motion detection, motion allowance, sound detection, and real-time alerts with video capture for home, office, store, or warehouse

Smart Parking



Parking payment and parking reservation software